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staff writer @ TechHive (IDG)
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These are the filthy words Google voice search doesn’t want to hear
Google gets all up in developers’ Glass about branding
2014 will be the year of the mini-me phone
Violent video games may stop crime by keeping criminals busy playing violent video games
‘So, that’s why it’s called Bluetooth!’ and other surprising tech name origins (I appeared on an Australian radio station to discuss this feature, audio available here)
Eight new mental illnesses brought to you by the Internet
Google Glass ‘wink’ update blurs the line between tic and functionality
FAQ: How is 4K exactly, and do I have to buy a new TV now?
In memoriam: The tech we lost in 2013
Relive the 1990s with these ancient, still-functioning websites
FAQ: How is LTE-Advanced different than the regular LTE I have now?

editor @ Bundle (Bundle, Inc.)
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How To Move To Canada If Your Candidate Doesn’t Win [original]
7 Ways To Prepare For the Zombie Apocolypse on a Budget [original]
8 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Halloween Candy [original]

contributing editor @ DVICE (NBCUniversal / Syfy)
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We probably don’t need nations anymore
Four big predictions that will restore your faith in tomorrow

Seven jobs you’ll have to trust robots to do in the near future

Booger science: the story behind all the gross stuff living in your head
Which of these 5 disruptive tech predictions will get real this decade?

12 little known facts about the big stupid Moon
Computers scientifically prove how horrible The Matrix‘s dialogue is
11 weird things we’ve learned from global crime stats
The strange and scary world of Mark Zuckerberg fan fiction (NSFW)
How much longer until we get some friggin’ cloned dinosaurs already?
Five technologies that will plug the internet directly into your brain
Five government agencies that technology will soon make obsolete
Three all-too-real examples of the coming zombie apocalypse
Six strange sightings from the CIA’s declassified UFO files
Here are three science-based approaches to time travel that might actually work
Five insane scientific theories about our big stupid crazy universe
Three radical nation-less visions of for the future that aren’t apocalyptic
A look at the FBI’s real life X-Files
The technologies that will turn us into the Borg by 2021
Web one-point-uh-oh: Looking back at 1990s Internet ads on TV
How to peek into Area 51 using Google Maps
Tom Selleck’s scary accurate tech predictions from ’90s AT&T ads
The 15 most ridiculous gadget TV commercials from the 1980s

BLASTR (NBCUniversal / Syfy)

17 blockbusters so horrible even their creators say they sucked


The Biggest Blockbusters of All Time Are Not What You Think They Are
Six Private Islands That Cost Less Than The Average Home


Get Your Head In The Clouds: A Guide To Your Cloud Storage Options
Top Apps for the Summer
Microsoft Unveils Windows Tablet, Walks the Line Between Tablet and Ultrabook
Samsung Galaxy S III Review: A Big Screen Smartphone With Brawny Specs
Microsoft To Get Its Groove Back By Becoming Apple
Meet Ouya: The $99 Android Console
Amazon’s New Cloud Player Presents a Direct Challenge for iTunes
Google Nexus 7 Tablet Metareview
Amazon Kindle Fire HD Metareview
Barnes & Noble NOOK HD Metareview
When Amazon’s Comment Sections Get Hijacked by Smartasses
7 Product Buzzwords That Are Absolutely Meaningless

contributing blogger @ ExtremeTech (Ziff Davis / PC Magazine)
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DARPA’s automated surveillance will end public anonymity
How close are we to Iron Man suits?
The five best Twitter feeds by non-humans
Retro Video: How do computers work?
Making solar energy cheaper than fossil fuels

tech/science/nerd blogger @ GearLog (r.i.p.)

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interview with fugazi’s ian mackaye (2002; hybridmagazine.com)
Interview with israeli artist michal rovner (2002, hybridmagazine.com)
interview with poet hal sirowitz (2002, hybridmagazine.com)
inerview with author timothy “speed” levitch (2003, hybridmagazine.com)
interview with musician mike doughty (2005, hybridmagazine.com)
interview with sonic youth (2002, impose magazine)