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evan goes viral.

Evan Dashevsky, Bundle, writing

My recent timely piece on on How To Move To Canada If Your Candidate Doesn’t Win The Election garnered more than 350k unique views, over 9k Facebook shares, over 300 tweets, and more than 600 LinkedIn shares?

Crazy pants.

In more political writings, there’s also my recent DVICE feature exploring why We Probably Don’t Need Nations Anymore. That was one of the funnest pieces I’ve written in forever. AND also garnered my first anonymous anti-Semitic comment. Check it out!


hey girl, i posted some new writing just for you.

Shorty, The Pit Boss, Hercules, Evan Dashevsky

Me, Shorty, and Hercules who looks like
he would rather I wasn’t touching him.

Do you like reading stuff that I wrote? Of course you do.

Check out my recent Smoke cover story with Luigi Rossi, who you may know better as “Shorty” from Animal Planet’s Pit Boss. I met up with Shorty last summer in Las Vegas and we talked about pitbulls, prison life, and celebrity. He and his right-hand-man Hercules were good peoples.

In that same issue, you’ll find my interview with Boardwalk Empire‘s Michael Pitt who I met with back in the Fall just as Boardwalk‘s amazing second season started. I expect big things from Michael’s character in the coming season.

And as always, I’ve also got a bunch of new stuff up on DVICE.

i wrote a writerly writing update about writing.

Just doing a little winter portfolio updating.

I’ve been increasing my web presence to hedge my bets in the event that vengeful tree ghosts do, in fact, exist. Thuserly, I’ve created a page for all that non-print bloggy stuff.

Here, you’ll find my latest DVICE piece that explores the sad, scary world of Mark Zuckerberg fan fiction (which Gawker deemed “fun” enough to re-blog). I also prove that The Matrix is real and ask a very important question to the global science community.

BUT WAIT, there’s a shit-ton more! I had my first piece on the sci-fi/movie/entertainment site BLASTR where I profile 17 movies so horrible even their creators say they sucked. AND I’ve also posted my latest cover story on comedian Ron White.

So, enjoy! I do it all for you. And for money.

how to make it in america as a writer.

In today’s economy it’s becoming harder and harder for an aspiring wordsmith to make a living. Thank gosh for the aspiring anything’s favorite go-to source: Craigslist! A local flower shop has gone to the internet in search of a creative writer to work their magic. And, unlike a lot that’s up there, it pays! 100 clams! Just think of all the iced coffees and Apple products and black turtlenecks that could buy!

The shop is searching for a local bard-in-need to pen a “human interest story.” Specifically a short vignette surrounding a certain aspect of their store:

We are a flower shop located in midtown Manhattan and are seeking a creative writer to compose a human interest story about our store cat. Everyone on the block/streets stops by to see him. We would like to post the article on our FB and blog in addition to other sources. We are thinking of 1/2 or 1/3 of a newspaper page.


The story basically writes itself! The cat hangs out with some locals, chews on some flowers, poops in a pot. Maybe solves a mystery or two. BAM! … Look, there’s not much out there that pays right now. Just write about the cat or starve, wordface.

i’s a writer.

Just a little portfolio updating… Click over here to read my recent cover feature with Andrew Zimmern. You know him. He’s the guy on the Travel Channel who travels around the world eating deer penises. Among other things. But somehow I just can’t seem to get past the Singaporian deer penis stew. He was just as pleasant a guy to talk to as he is on his show. I was very happy with how the piece turned out.

Also, I’ve been doing some more writing for DVICE. My recent post about the strange psychic powers of Magnum P.I. is available here. That turned out to be one of my favorite tech pieces I’ve written. And, by the social media numbers alone, this may be just about the most widely read thing I’ve ever had my name attached to.

You can now also catch some of my work as a regular contributor with

new stuffs

Just posted my recent interview with rapper T.I. from earlier in the summer. He promises to turn his life around and never return to jail.


Also put up my profile of Maker’s Mark bourbon. Basically the gist of it is that it gets you drunk and tastes pretty.