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i’m on pinterest because the internet told me i must.

Hello internetketeers!

Like everyone reading this, I am now on Pinterest, even though I’m not yet exactly sure what to do with it and also it’s for girls. Let me know if ya’ll start doing some interesting stuffs all up in there or if you have posted any cute cat photos. I LOVE cute cat photos!

That is all.

great concepts. bad execution.

Say what you will about Andrew Sullivan: He likes saying he’s a conservative more than actually being one. Or his views on organized religion contradict themselves. He’s a pot head. He has tiny hands. All of these things are true. But the one thing you can’t take away from him is that he is an unending font of procrastination-empowering links.

From today’s batch comes one from the New York magazine’s web site. Unfortunately, it’s a slide show. I understand that these are ways to “up” page views and advertisers seem to like eyeball-keeping element they have. But the current tech that utilizes is very frustrating and jerky. I’m hoping various new web techs will help make embedded presentations like this more palatable. But I nerdily digress. This slide show starts with the brilliant concept “A History of Obama Feigning Interest in Mundane Things.” And some “slides” offer exactly what you are hoping for: Obama looking devastatingly bored in the various photo-ops he is forced to endure every single day of his life (here for example). Unfortunately—or perhaps fortunately, for America—Obama seems able to summon his inner nerd who is able to get excited by the newest innovations from McHenry Inc.’s pipe fitting factory and Shutzer & Sons solar panel cleaning supplies (like here, for example). So the joke just kind of falls flat. But I’m willing to bet that on title alone, nymag did alright for themselves. Fuck, I even linked to it on my Facebook.

Andy Sullivan also served up another link—in between posts railing against the Catholic Church (which he usually defends against the middle class neo-atheists he seems to exclusively hang out with)—to this kooky web book: Alien vs. Pooh. It’s exactly what you think it is. Unfortunately, the potentially ingenious mash-up is just not that funny. However, I do love the bare bones format that Godxiliary is using for their web comics. And, if nothing else. it got me thinking of new projects for pseudo webby comicbooks.