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steve jobs is a murderer.

Over the past few months, I’ve been a fan of music-streaming web service It was a very simple and easy way to explore new music via the mythical internet Tron cloud. Lala introduced me to some new artists I would never have explored otherwise (thank you, lala for introducing me to P.O.S., Lupe Fiasco, and for finally dragging me—admittedly very belated—to the Queens of the Stone Age party).

But apparently, Apple, which purchased lala back in December feels differently and has decided to kill the service. Hopefully this means that apple will introduce its own cloud-streaming music service for iTunes, but the word is: don’t hold your breath.

Spotify or TunesBag, anybody?

youtube think piece.

Makes you get all thinky…



Google Buzz posts the location of my buzzings from my phone—if I allow it to. And (in theory!) I can see what people are buzzening about in a particular area.

Here are some important things people are getting their buzznings all in a bunch about in my neighborhood:

2 hours ago “Stewart Isbell” (if that is his real name) buzzed “Netflix weeds!” while at 506 13th St, Brooklyn, NY

To which Triston Sergeant replied “Oo sweet they got weeds on Netflix.. nice.

Just think. Only a week ago, I would never have known that this conversation had ever taken place. The future is now!