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famous tweets.

One of my adorably trollish tweets made its way on to an episode of The Young Turks YouTube Show covering Verizon’s ridiculous ask-a-FiOs-customer ads that were destined to fail. They mention me around the 2:40 mark, if you’re impatient.

Like all things on the internet, it looks like this was originally born on BuzzFeed.

pixar has nothing on me.

In a previous post, I first introduced you to my new love affair with the site I am going to have sex with You just watch.

Anyways, I like finding a way to bring fun into my day job. So, here’s a little something an amazing piece of art I did while still on the clock (legitimately!). I would place it in the same vaulted territory of amazing post-modern theatre as my previous work “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Goes on a Job Interview.” While that piece was described (accurately, by me) as a modern-day Big Chill, I would say my new work is on more of a My Dinner with Andre meets Night of the Hunter vibe. I present to you “Visit Smoke Magazine at Booth 2329″:

i am spielberg.

I am in love the site! It allows you to create a scene using rendered computer animated avatars. I SO wish this existed when I was younger and more immature and had more time at work!

Luckily, I had some downtime today!

(Plus, I’m really not all that mature!)

I present, my first amazing film. It had a small budget, but I think it has a lot of heart. The passion of the actors and filmmakers helped create something really special that will touch everyone a little inside.

I present The Big Chill of our generation, a little film I like to call The Prince of Bel Air Goes on an Interview:

UPDATE: I noticed a small little snippit of a scene was missing. I even tried re-creating the high-res movie and it is still missing. Anyone else ever that problem?

science is religion.

This could be YOU.

The New York Times predicts that technology will inevitably lead those with the means and inclination into a souless techno afterlife where we live on in a microchip purgatory for all of eternity (or something like that).

One of guys who created the Google calls it “Singularity” and has even funded a “University” to bring about its existence. Technology has, officially, replaced religion as a mechanism of social glue and mythology of the self. And it’s all very depressing, hopeful, frightening, and exciting.

Tomorrow we will all be Bladerunner, and then we will be Tron.

Technology literally evolves us as a species in real time. With the advent of the saddle, our species evolved from clumsy bipedal prairie monkeys into a speedy beast that could match the longevity and speed of a horse. When Bell invented the telephone, as a species we all suddenly evolved the ability to communicate with miles between us. With the internet, we gained the ability to cull information from a thousand disparate sources around the globe and sort through them in real time. So, it is inevitable that, at some point, we will devise a way to record our personalities (but not our souls) and let them live on in a virtual world. So we’ll be able to read comments from our ancestors leave us on Facebook and follow the Twitter feeds of the illustrious deceased.

Basically, this all means that we’ll cease to be human. Which isn’t, in and of itself, a bad thing. We, as a species, have been human for quite a while. And it’s been a good run—we’ve created tile mosaics, skyscrapers, indoor carpeting, handjobs, artificial insulin. All sorts of neat stuff! Of course we’ve also had war, genocide, Billy Corgan, and terrorism. Terrible, horrible things, all of them. I suppose there’s no inherent harm in graduating to the next cosmic grade. It’ll be rough at first, for sure. There will be a learning curve. There always is. But we’ll get the hang of it, one way or another.

Into the futuremobile, humans.

star wars episode II: attack of the codes.

Finally, mankind has discovered a use for smart phones beyond reading porn while jogging and logging onto Wikipedia to avoid bar fights.

QR codes have been popping up everywhere. QR (or “quick read”) codes are boxes of pixelated gabbida gook that a cellphone camera can read and interpret into a link, text, GPS location, etc. (QR Code-reading apps are widely available for free on all major platforms.) They are ubiquitous in Japan and have been the rage in Europe. Now, the US, which has long fallen behind the rest of the world in cell tech is finally beginning to get all code-y. Apparently Facebook is even getting in on the QR bus (but I still have yet to see it in action, have you?)

It’s too bad QR codes are just catching on now. They would have added a new dimension to print—from both an advertising and editorial point of view. It’s pretty much a mute technology for any e-reader, which the industry is grasping onto for salvation. But I think QR will be, for the next few years at least, a fixture of our pedestrian and mass transit culture. And—especially at first—the codes can act as a secret language created especially for those of us in the know that will keep the old people and lame-os in the dark. For example, thanks to technology, now I can say the following, without really saying it:


The future is now, my friends.

(code generated via)

ya feel me?

Wow, the Japanese actually made a technological innovation in something that wasn’t a) robot-oriented, b) a video game for pervs, c) an adorable cartoon kitty, or d) a pervy robot kitty.

Tactile touch screens will be everywhere. I predict three years. Unless the Appleattie are further down the yellow brick road of touchy-feely touch screens. At one point during last year’s orgy of Apple “Slate” rumors, there were whispers that this magical new product that would forever alter the course of humanity would feature a tactile touch screen. Of course, we just ended with the boring-screened iPad which forces us to browse the internet like a goddamn caveman.

(via engadget)