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ron paul is frank purdue.

I’m sure I can’t be the first one to notice this, but cranky ol’ Ron Paul is the doppelganger of processed chicken magnate, Frank Purdue. Check it:

 Ron PaulFrank Purdue








If you listen to them speak, they have similar homespun vocal cadences that end every statement like a question. (“You’ll just love our chickens breasts?” “We left the gold standard and our nation’s economic freedoms began to erode?”)

Frank might have a bit more pudge (the result of a steady diet of chicken fat instead of liberty), however if you squash down Ron’s nose slightly, you’d half expect him start babbling on about the Fed’s disastrous effect on the price of chicken wire. Notice even how they have the same half-y, upturn left eyebrow. I’m not crazy on this one.

And if you want to get even weirder, check out Frank’s son Jim next to Ron’s son, Rand:

Jim Purdue  Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul








The same steely cold dead blue eyes that look like they could deflate your lungs if they glared at you in just the right way.

Just sayin’. #First.

jake tapper has a sense of humor.

Jake Tapper is the professional handsome person that ABC News hires to hold a cell phone at press conferences so the producers can tell him what questions to ask. Well, Tapper and I had some mad beef a while back. It had to do with Jake not liking a little twitter prank of mine, eventually resulting in him laying down the twitter banhammer!


Well, those dark days have finally abated! The ban has been lifted, and as far as I’m concerned the beef is officially squashed.

Jake Tapper, you’re okay in my book.


cognitive dissonance.

Tea Party, white slavery,

Fox News’ sad tip-toe into the social media pool, Fox Nation recently posted a story about the latest Rasmussen Poll of the senatorial election in Delaware.

The poll shows Democratic candidate Chris Coons expanding his lead from 9 to 11 points over Republican Tea Party favorite and non-masturbating former Wiccan, Christine O’Donnell. Even labeling the state “solid Democrat.”

Sounds like a pretty straight forward to me—an almost certain victory for Coons. Or, as the Fox Nation headline put it: “Poll: O’Donnell Within Striking Distance”

It should be noted that Fox Nation isn’t a real news site, per se. It’s attempting to edge in on Drudge’s territory—posting links that support a prexisting opinion, offering little in the way original content, objective context, or opposing views. Really, the thrust of the site’s purpose is its comment section which gives a venue for retirees to spout off on something they heard about on talk radio earlier in the day.

Some of my favorites

nocommie 66 writes “The only reason why biden & ohaha spending time in DE and recent caution to dems not to take anything for granted is that deep down they know that Christine will win…. Go Christine….”

johnnybags chimes in with “She’s gonna WIN! I can feel it. I thought she did great in the debate the other day too. Only thing she fumbled on was the Supreme Court question, and they always ask that one. It’s always a trick question meant to make them stumble.”

And, of course, who could forget Statesman/Patriot who puts it all into simple terms, no bullshit: “Conservatives in Delaware, pray and VOTE!”

anthony weiner: bad motherfucker

Ever since I first saw his commercials during his losing bid for the Democratic nomination for NYC Mayor a few years back, I’ve always had an arms-length admiration for the unfortunately-named Anthony Weiner, U.S. representative from Queens.

You could say, I have a soft spot for Weiner. (HA!)

Anthony Weiner has that Rahm Emannuel thing going on (and seems to be following a similar career path). They even look similar. If you’re going into some form of white-collar battle, Anthony is, like Rahm, the guy you want playing for your team. He’s a smart dude who can articulate his view (or that of his party) intelligently and forcefully, but at the same time, he doesn’t seem to be afraid to lay down an old fashion verbal ass whoopin’ as he did recently (and awesomely) on the House Floor. Here, he vehemently attacks a Republican plot to block a bill that would fund healthcare for 9-11 emergency workers. He bitchslaps the Republican cabal down for hiding behind “procedural” matters. He even points to and chastizes some off-camera Republican for the necessary Red-sticking-it-to-Blue nonsense. He told that unnamed distinguished gentleman to sit his ass down.

Just awesome.

Cheers to you, Mr. Weiner.


The Republican that Anthony was yelling at was fellow New York state representative and human New York Post cover, Peter King. Here they are yelling at each other on Fox News. Peter King disintegrates into a quivering bowl of cliche-sputtering old man jello.

And they even went on Sean Hannity’s Radio program to discuss the matter. And it seems to me that Sean Hannity is being somewhat biased. I don’t want to be unfair to Sean. But it’s almost like he has an agenda here.

the dictatorship of rural america.

Apparently there’s controversy abrewin’ in quintessential purple Ohio. Someone on the Republican gubernatorial candidate’s staff  mocked the Democratic Governor’s rural roots.

The actual quote is from Rep John Kasich’s spokesman saying that current Democratic Governor Strickland is a poor manager of Ohio’s cities because he was raised “in a chicken shack on Duck Run.” Shakespeare it’s not. But it is reflecting a truth that no one seems willing to talk to (aloud).

Elite cosmopolitan metropolitan book readers don’t understand the needs of “real” Americans. It’s a political cliche turned pundit-approved gospel. However, rural red state folk—who, by horrible design, have a far stronger voice in the Federal government than their population would dictate—are no better at understanding the needs of urban metropolitan America.

American cities are the engines that run our economy, nurture the young thinkers that propel our society, and act as cultural ambassadors to the world. Not to mention, they are the only parts of the country that are prepared for the new global economy. If you took away all the cities, America would be Romania. However it is considered elite and out of touch to reflect this truth. If you want to succeed in national politics, the path of least resistance is to sing the praises of small town America and assuage their fearful responses to maintaining an increasingly outdated way of life.

John Kasich will surely be forced to apologize for his spokesman’s remarks tomorrow. Which is a shame. He was speaking to a very real cultural battleground, and he dared wander a mere toe-length across clearly delineated lines of political correctness. Rural America and its steady diet of fear, corn subsidies, and romanticized nostalgia is not capable of (or even interested in) sustaining our cities or aiding their strides into a sustainable, connected future.

I wish our political discourse was allowed to reflect that.