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cinemagraph art for the people.

You know what’s neat on the internets? Cinemagraphs. They’re just like animated gifs—or, they’re exactly like animated gifs—but they’re animated gifs for fancy people! Like you.

I classify cinemagraphs as a completely different species than the ubiquitous “animated gifs” that inhabit the message boards and tumblr posts of internetland. Cinemagraphs incorporate slight bits of movement into otherwise static digital images, adding a subtle stylish element.

Here’s a prime example from digi-artists Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg (proprietors of the above link):

Anyway, I’ve been trying my hand at making cinemagraphs. I’m using some complimentary software and this helpful online tutorial. I think for some first tries, they’re pretty good. My initial attempts seem to center around blinking eyeballs. In any event, I hope to have some more advanced ones in the future to help bring a little magic and class to my already sophisticated web presence.

I'm silly

how to make it in america as a writer.

In today’s economy it’s becoming harder and harder for an aspiring wordsmith to make a living. Thank gosh for the aspiring anything’s favorite go-to source: Craigslist! A local flower shop has gone to the internet in search of a creative writer to work their magic. And, unlike a lot that’s up there, it pays! 100 clams! Just think of all the iced coffees and Apple products and black turtlenecks that could buy!

The shop is searching for a local bard-in-need to pen a “human interest story.” Specifically a short vignette surrounding a certain aspect of their store:

We are a flower shop located in midtown Manhattan and are seeking a creative writer to compose a human interest story about our store cat. Everyone on the block/streets stops by to see him. We would like to post the article on our FB and blog in addition to other sources. We are thinking of 1/2 or 1/3 of a newspaper page.


The story basically writes itself! The cat hangs out with some locals, chews on some flowers, poops in a pot. Maybe solves a mystery or two. BAM! … Look, there’s not much out there that pays right now. Just write about the cat or starve, wordface.

the finest photo captured with a cell phone. ever.

Seriously. This is a beautiful photo. Captured with my Motorola Atrix. A little PhotoShop would make this a classic.

My condolences for all the people who wasted their money on expensive “cameras” and “photography classes.”


Little did you know that all you needed was a cell phone and the ability to look up.

pixar has nothing on me.

In a previous post, I first introduced you to my new love affair with the site I am going to have sex with You just watch.

Anyways, I like finding a way to bring fun into my day job. So, here’s a little something an amazing piece of art I did while still on the clock (legitimately!). I would place it in the same vaulted territory of amazing post-modern theatre as my previous work “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Goes on a Job Interview.” While that piece was described (accurately, by me) as a modern-day Big Chill, I would say my new work is on more of a My Dinner with Andre meets Night of the Hunter vibe. I present to you “Visit Smoke Magazine at Booth 2329″: