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steve wozniak had a hell of an hour.

If his twitter feed is to be believed, in the course of one hour, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak visited two Chili’s, the California Highway Patrol, a Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que, a Baskin-Robbins, and a cemetery.

Shine on you crazy diamond.

Steve Wozniak, Twitter, @sevewoz


ya feel me?

Wow, the Japanese actually made a technological innovation in something that wasn’t a) robot-oriented, b) a video game for pervs, c) an adorable cartoon kitty, or d) a pervy robot kitty.

Tactile touch screens will be everywhere. I predict three years. Unless the Appleattie are further down the yellow brick road of touchy-feely touch screens. At one point during last year’s orgy of Apple “Slate” rumors, there were whispers that this magical new product that would forever alter the course of humanity would feature a tactile touch screen. Of course, we just ended with the boring-screened iPad which forces us to browse the internet like a goddamn caveman.

(via engadget)

the apple serfdom.

Gizmodo synopsized a story from a NYT-dubbed  “liberal” Chinese publication which did an undercover investigation of Foxconn, Apple’s main factory floor for its many lines of iGoods. Foxconn has seen a spate of suicides among its employees over the past year. The investigation looks into the modern day Apple Serfdom that employees endure in exchange for meager compensation.

The Chinese government is, as discussed before, the worst government in the world*. They make the internet their own personal digital hunting grounds, they poison American pets with wild abandon, and they turn a blind eye to their workers being treated like garbage. I wonder how long until progressive folk in this country start demanding better treatment of the worker ants for products they like. Or will they save that scrutiny for Wal-Mart?

*Okay, there are worse governments. But the heads of Jordan, Tajikistan, and the Sudan aren’t holding the US by debt-shaped balls.

steve jobs is a murderer.

Over the past few months, I’ve been a fan of music-streaming web service It was a very simple and easy way to explore new music via the mythical internet Tron cloud. Lala introduced me to some new artists I would never have explored otherwise (thank you, lala for introducing me to P.O.S., Lupe Fiasco, and for finally dragging me—admittedly very belated—to the Queens of the Stone Age party).

But apparently, Apple, which purchased lala back in December feels differently and has decided to kill the service. Hopefully this means that apple will introduce its own cloud-streaming music service for iTunes, but the word is: don’t hold your breath.

Spotify or TunesBag, anybody?