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ya feel me?

Wow, the Japanese actually made a technological innovation in something that wasn’t a) robot-oriented, b) a video game for pervs, c) an adorable cartoon kitty, or d) a pervy robot kitty.

Tactile touch screens will be everywhere. I predict three years. Unless the Appleattie are further down the yellow brick road of touchy-feely touch screens. At one point during last year’s orgy of Apple “Slate” rumors, there were whispers that this magical new product that would forever alter the course of humanity would feature a tactile touch screen. Of course, we just ended with the boring-screened iPad which forces us to browse the internet like a goddamn caveman.

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apple rumors=nerd porn

I have a folder on my Google Reader where I collect all the news and posts about tech and science and overall nerd stuff. In fact, this folder is dubbed “nerd shit.” Whenever I visit “nerd shit” to get updates on the latest from the front lines of human evolution, I am inevitably inundated by the latest rumors for the officially unconfirmed (but everyone knows it’s coming) Apple Tablet.

Just today, Endget has a story on a major announcement that a date was set for Apple to make a major announcement on January 27th (not, the 26th as they previously reported!). Today also featured a Slashdot story about  a rumor that the president of Google China supposedly said that Apple will make 10 million of this new product in the first year. I’m not exactly sure how Google China got involved in all this. Google? Apple? China? The possibility for speculation is endless!

How fun!

And I don’t even subscribe to the updates on fucking patent applications detailed on, which is to your IT guy what a record store that still sells vinyl is to guys who work at other record stores that still sell vinyl: a place to indulge in the acrobatics of lists, little-known facts, and supposition.

Gizmodo, the techy sister-publication of sometimes painfully self-aware Gawker, even felt the need to show their prowess in self-awareness with their “Exhaustive Guide to Apple Tablet Rumors” (which wasn’t from today, but you get the picture, the tech blog spectrum is overrun with blognoise about an object that doesn’t even officially exist, with each facet playing their role perfectly).

Will this new big iPhone change humanity and usher in a new era of informational interactivity? Actually, probably! CNN thinks so, anyway. Will it likely be prohibitively expensive in its first year (which, still won’t prohibit any man-child with a glimmer in his eye and a special chair he uses just for playing “Call of Duty” from buying it)? For me–yup! Will it be replaced by a newer, cheaper, smaller, better version in two years. Abso-friggin-lutely!

And then, all those Apple-eaters will have to find some other rumor on which to needlessly pontificate.

And thus, the circle of life continues.