Shorty, The Pit Boss, Hercules, Evan Dashevsky

Me, Shorty, and Hercules who looks like
he would rather I wasn’t touching him.

Do you like reading stuff that I wrote? Of course you do.

Check out my recent Smoke cover story with Luigi Rossi, who you may know better as “Shorty” from Animal Planet’s Pit Boss. I met up with Shorty last summer in Las Vegas and we talked about pitbulls, prison life, and celebrity. He and his right-hand-man Hercules were good peoples.

In that same issue, you’ll find my interview with Boardwalk Empire‘s Michael Pitt who I met with back in the Fall just as Boardwalk‘s amazing second season started. I expect big things from Michael’s character in the coming season.

And as always, I’ve also got a bunch of new stuff up on DVICE.