I’m a big fan of Newark, NJ mayor Corey Booker. Aside from being a ca$h magnet for his city, he’s an inspiring speaker; a passionate leader; a fierce TV pundit; and now, an internet-branded hero!

But there’s two other things you should know about mayor Booker: 1) the man is a Twitter addict. The dude is always on the Twitter. And he actively engages with his followers—and not just citizens of Newark in need of city serviceseveryone. Yup, even slightly trollish members of the internet such as myself. Which brings us to the number two thing you need to know about Corey Booker: the man is a Twilight superfan!


Here’s a direct message I got from Corey Booker nearly three years ago (this is absolutely real, BTW):

Corey Booker loves Twilight

Now, when he’s saying “Blue Moon,” he is actually referring the second film in the Twilight series: New Moon. I know this because this DM was sent in reaction to a public tweet I sent him (my exact tweet has disappeared, having evaporated into the tweether). But if memory serves, I asked him something along the lines of “Hey @coreybooker what is the best pizza in Newark and also what did you think of New Moon?”

That’s just something I do sometimes. I don’t know why.

I wasn’t expecting a response to my adorable trollism, but lo and there it is, the very next day I received a response! (I admit, I do get excited when celebrities tweet me back, even if it is to politely tell me to fuck off). While he neglected to tell me about the pizza, he did tell me that he had heard—correctly— about the horribleness of the vapid teen vampire sequel.

Perhaps Corey Booker is not really a Twilight fan. Perhaps due to the content of my tweet he thought he was reaching out to a small child or someone with special needs—thus why he also sent it through a DM as opposed to a public tweet. But I think it’s cool that he takes the time to communicate with the folks.

Corey, if you’re reading this, did you think The Hunger Games movie cut too much out of the third act in the arena? I did.