In today’s economy it’s becoming harder and harder for an aspiring wordsmith to make a living. Thank gosh for the aspiring anything’s favorite go-to source: Craigslist! A local flower shop has gone to the internet in search of a creative writer to work their magic. And, unlike a lot that’s up there, it pays! 100 clams! Just think of all the iced coffees and Apple products and black turtlenecks that could buy!

The shop is searching for a local bard-in-need to pen a “human interest story.” Specifically a short vignette surrounding a certain aspect of their store:

We are a flower shop located in midtown Manhattan and are seeking a creative writer to compose a human interest story about our store cat. Everyone on the block/streets stops by to see him. We would like to post the article on our FB and blog in addition to other sources. We are thinking of 1/2 or 1/3 of a newspaper page.


The story basically writes itself! The cat hangs out with some locals, chews on some flowers, poops in a pot. Maybe solves a mystery or two. BAM! … Look, there’s not much out there that pays right now. Just write about the cat or starve, wordface.