Tea Party, white slavery,

Fox News’ sad tip-toe into the social media pool, Fox Nation recently posted a story about the latest Rasmussen Poll of the senatorial election in Delaware.

The poll shows Democratic candidate Chris Coons expanding his lead from 9 to 11 points over Republican Tea Party favorite and non-masturbating former Wiccan, Christine O’Donnell. Even labeling the state “solid Democrat.”

Sounds like a pretty straight forward to me—an almost certain victory for Coons. Or, as the Fox Nation headline put it: “Poll: O’Donnell Within Striking Distance”

It should be noted that Fox Nation isn’t a real news site, per se. It’s attempting to edge in on Drudge’s territory—posting links that support a prexisting opinion, offering little in the way original content, objective context, or opposing views. Really, the thrust of the site’s purpose is its comment section which gives a venue for retirees to spout off on something they heard about on talk radio earlier in the day.

Some of my favorites

nocommie 66 writes “The only reason why biden & ohaha spending time in DE and recent caution to dems not to take anything for granted is that deep down they know that Christine will win…. Go Christine….”

johnnybags chimes in with “She’s gonna WIN! I can feel it. I thought she did great in the debate the other day too. Only thing she fumbled on was the Supreme Court question, and they always ask that one. It’s always a trick question meant to make them stumble.”

And, of course, who could forget Statesman/Patriot who puts it all into simple terms, no bullshit: “Conservatives in Delaware, pray and VOTE!”