Gizmodo synopsized a story from a NYT-dubbed  “liberal” Chinese publication which did an undercover investigation of Foxconn, Apple’s main factory floor for its many lines of iGoods. Foxconn has seen a spate of suicides among its employees over the past year. The investigation looks into the modern day Apple Serfdom that employees endure in exchange for meager compensation.

The Chinese government is, as discussed before, the worst government in the world*. They make the internet their own personal digital hunting grounds, they poison American pets with wild abandon, and they turn a blind eye to their workers being treated like garbage. I wonder how long until progressive folk in this country start demanding better treatment of the worker ants for products they like. Or will they save that scrutiny for Wal-Mart?

*Okay, there are worse governments. But the heads of Jordan, Tajikistan, and the Sudan aren’t holding the US by debt-shaped balls.