Move over Twitter and Double Dutch. There’s a new fad taking the nation by storm!


Have you ever wanted a photograph of your friends, parents, pets, bosses, or famous people on the TV framed between bare cherubic buttocks and legs? Well, now those dreams are finally within reach! All you need is a camera, a finger, and a child-like sense of adventure and whimsy. (check, check, and CHECK!)

Boring vacation photo? Put a butt in it! Slow day at the office? Why not take a photo of your co-workers—with a naked butt in it! Got the wedding portrait blues? A BUTT might be the cure for you!

The best part of this new fad is its nearly endless versatility!

I wish I could take all the credit for this amazing new thing. But I actually first heard of it a few days ago via actor Paul Rudd (who my girlfriend mistakenly believes she is allowed to have sex with), who was a guest on the occasional comedy show Broin’ Out. He showed the audience some cherub butt photos he took while on a recent movie shoot featuring the images of Steve Carell, Zack Galifianakis, and apparently his own mother. Pure genius!

Now go forth, young warriors. A world of knucklebutts awaits you!