Anyone who owns an iPhone knows that the camera is very limited (to use a judicious term in reverence to the iPhones many, non-stupid attributes).

But in a nut shell, it’s fair to say the iPhone camera is the Easy-Bake oven in the Crate and Barrel world of cell phone cameras. There’s all sorts of neat stuff out there for cell phone cameras, but few made their way on to my year-old iPhone model. It doesn’t even have a flash; any direct light from behind your subject is an absolute no-no; if your intended subject is far away (say, a live concert), you’ll likely get a gumbo of color smears and pixels. And, of course, just about any movement short of a dead mime will be treated harshly, which is bad news for taking photos of babies and cats—the two most captured subjects aside from nekkid people doing nekkid things to each other.

But despite all that, it is my honor to present to you the best photo anybody has ever taken with an iPhone:


Taken from a swamp tour just outside New Orleans during rain and record low temperatures. Notice the devastation of the limp rope and limited color pallet—it represents many important things, I am sure.

You’re welcome, internet.

UPDATE: Mashable reports that the new iPhone will have a better camera. So, for those future people reading this post. This will remain the best old-school iPhone photo ever taken.